Work in progress that creates a customized, interactive experience for visitors to a lounge.



Each year, Moxie presents an in-house expo showcasing our capabilities using the newest technologies. We invite professionals, clients, and other members of the community to an open house to play with tech like virtual and augmented reality, large-scale environmental games, and personalized experiences. A work-in-progress for next year is still somewhat under wraps, but the exploration of technology and concept have come together as a personalized Smart Lounge: A room that creates a customized experience for each visitor using a combination of artificial intelligence, near field communication, and projection mapping.

We considered many future-oriented technologies when brainstorming this concept.


The goal of Moxie's open house is to utilize and combine technologies in new and interesting ways in order to give clients fresh ideas of what the agency can do for them. After initial brainstorming of ideas for a personalized room featuring fresh technology, we conducted research on existing projects and technology functionality to conduct competitive analysis. We dove into existing maker projects and instructables to piece together a unique experience of our own. Since this is still a work-in-progress, I cannot reveal the exact plans for the project, but it will continue to evolve as the technologies involved do until next year's expo.

Floorplan and flow of guest experience - sorry, the actual interactions are still secret!


Our concept and proposed plan was reviewed by the analytics team and we were challenged to further involve artificial intelligence in the developing design. At this point, we also took a careful look at the compatibility of the technology we were planning to use and how innovative it was in context of other existing projects. We made the appropriate adjustments and continued into the physical design planning phase.

SketchUp diagram of smart furniture construction.


My favorite part of this project is the physical space planning and determining the visitor flow of the space. I created a floorplan and map of features, highlighting and annotating each element of the personalized experience. Some "smart furniture" elements were designed, and I documented their specs in SketchUp. This was also the point in the process that I planned and mapped our projection mapping schematics in MadMapper, which, without revealing too much before the project comes to life, changes the mood of the room depending on the preferences of its visitors.

Perhaps you'd personally like your custom room to look something like this...?


The project remains in progress while the artificial intelligence element is expanded upon and perfected. I'm excited to continue work on this smart lounge and share its final design.